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    Siri Does Sports Now

    "Siri, is it raining at the Yankees game? Does Yankee Stadium serve linguica?"

    Siri, also known as John Malkovich and Zooey Deschanel's favorite toy, might actually be useful now. At today's great big Apple extravaganza, the company announced that the iPhone's voice technology would now be able to answer questions regarding sports. A few of the examples given were:

    "What was the score of the Giants game?"

    "What is Buster Posey's batting average?"

    "Who's taller, Kobe or LeBron?"

    "What are the National League standings?"

    I'm not a Siri user, and so I don't quite grasp the significance of the technology — with smartphones, why risk the voice-comprehension errors when all it takes is a few extra keystrokes and you're looking it up on Google? But if the technology is truly going to take off, then it needs to have practical and convenient applications like this, the types of advantages that would actually make you want to start talking to your phone in a public setting.