Playing Sports As A Kid Vs. Playing Sports As An Adult

Life is hard. It gets harder.

1. As a kid: you’re so stoked to GO SWIMMING.

2. As an adult: this pool seems smaller than it used to.

3. Running, as a kid: running is fun!

4. Running as an adult: running is exercise.

5. Guys, this is haaaaaard.

6. Really haaaard.

7. Kid skateboarding: NBD, dude.

8. Adult skateboarding: I would like to feel youthful.

9. Ah, nevermind.

10. Acrobatics as a kid: my tiny body is built for motion!

11. Acrobatics as an adult: I used to be able to do this.

12. Learning to catch as a kid:

13. Catching as an adult:

14. Actually, kids suck at this too.

15. Kids dunking: this is easy! I can do anything!

16. Adults dunking: people use to help me.

17. That didn’t help.

18. Somebody help.


20. When you were young, you could climb trees like this:

21. Now that you’re old, it’s more like this:

22. Baseball as a child: this is easy and I am GREAT.

23. As an adult: THE AGONY. Maybe we should just watch.

24. Playing soccer as a kid: GET THE BALL

25. When you’re an adult: even watching is dangerous.

26. Football as a kid: you get run over.

27. As an adult: safe now.

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