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Oscar Pistorius Reportedly Had Steroids In His Home And Shot His Girlfriend Through A Door

A twisted story gets even bleaker.

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Antonie De Ras / Reuters

The strange and tragic case of Olympic hero Oscar Pistorius, who has been charged with the murder of girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, got even stranger and more tragic over the weekend. According to a neighbor's testimony to a South African newspaper, Pistorius shot four times at Steenkamp through a door in their home after she retreated into the bathroom, which doesn't exactly lend credence to the idea, promoted by Pistorius and his defense team, that the shooting was an accident.

In addition to the news about the door, there are reports that a bloody cricket bat and banned steroids have been found in Pistorius' home and could be connected to the shooting. Investigators believe the cricket bat could have been involved in an argument prior to Steenkamp's death; there have been associated reports of the two being heard arguing that night. And British newspaper The Sun says that police are considering whether "roid rage," caused by the use of illegal steroids reportedly discovered in Pistorius' home, could have played a role. The Sun also alluded to evidence that there had been drinking going on in the house that night. After Pistorius shot Steenkamp, he supposedly tried to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and called multiple family members and friends crying, saying he shot Steenkamp. So far, Pistorius' sponsors, including Nike and Oakley, have stood by him.

Steenkamp appeared on a reality show, Tropika Island of Treasure, that aired only two days after her death in South Africa. In it, she makes a now-eerie statement: "I don't have any regrets. I think the way that you go out, not just your journey in life, but the way that you go out — you make your exit — is so important."

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