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    Dick Vitale Congratulates Eva Longoria On Her Shady Ex-Husband's Basketball Performance

    Go Spurs! (?) (!) (o_o)

    Thursday night, Eva Longoria sent out this tweet. It raised some eyebrows since one of the Spurs' stars is Longoria's ex-husband Tony Parker. But Longoria is from Texas and says she's been a Spurs fan her whole life.

    And then Dick Vitale responded.

    Let's read that again, shall we?

    Now: I recognize that Dickie V's a strange bird. (Just look at his Twitter background. Look how he's standing. It's like he's trying to make you impotent.)

    But congratulating someone on the accomplishments of her ex — an ex who reportedly cheated on her with his teammate's wife — is a significant faux pas, particularly when Eva Longoria would probably not like to be thought of as mostly important because she used to be married to a basketball player.

    In conclusion, Dick Vitale is a chirping alien with little understanding of human culture.