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Knicks Fans Boo Jeremy Lin In His Return To The Garden

Lin won this round, though: he played well and his Rockets torched the Knicks for an easy victory.

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Tonight Jeremy Lin played his first game since Linsanity as a visitor to Madison Square Garden. During introductions, some Knicks fans applauded, but during the game, he was booed and heckled whenever he touched the ball. The Knicks had the choice to re-sign Lin — he would've had no choice to stay in New York if they'd matched his contract offer — but many fans seemed to be under the impression that he had insisted on leaving the team.


Here's video of the play.

Chandler and Lin had good chemistry when they were teammates, shared a nice moment before the game, and didn't snipe at each other before or after the foul, so it doesn't seem likely that Chandler meant any ill will.


Hear the crowd booing Lin in this video. Later in the game, he badly airballed a three, and the fans went nuts.

Of course, Lin got the last laugh: he had a great game, notching 22 points and 8 assists in a 109-96 drubbing of the Knicks.

Lin is 2-0 against New York this season.