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    NBA Player Turns Into Dancing Legend During Epic Videobomb

    Mickael Pietrus may be incredibly mediocre at basketball, but he's a grade-A star at dancing.

    Prior to last night's Raptors loss, Paul Jones and Sherman Hamilton were doing their talking-heads thing when in comes Raptors reserve Mickael Pietrus to... dance.

    Little Raptor shimmying right here.

    This move you could call the Two Heads Are Better Than One.

    Here, Pietrus draws inspiration from long-necked animals such as giraffes, and, well — just giraffes.

    I don't know.


    Saturday Night Fever, except on Wednesday, before you lose to the Cavs.

    Man, Andy Warhol would've dug Pietrus.

    Here's the whole dance in all its glory.

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