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NBA Player Can't Post A Picture On Instagram Without Getting Called A Fag

Because he's good people, Russ Westbrook is Instagramming his Fashion Week experience for us serfs. Naturally, there are folks reacting like jerks.

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Oklahoma City Thunder point guard / USA Baskeball gold-medalist Russell Westbrook is currently enjoying Fashion Week in New York.


He posted this picture of himself earlier today. Leopard-print short-sleeved button-down, tortoise-shell specs, green pants, white socks, and spiked Louboutins? BOSS.

But of course, people have to be jerks about it. Of the 50 comments currently displayed on Instagram, nine of them — almost 20% — call Westbrook gay.


Why do you take time out of your day to post the word "gay" on an NBA player's Instagram photo?