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NBA Fans Display Some Very Effective Classic Trolling

Sometimes, the oldest tricks in the book still work beautifully.

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The Milwaukee Bucks visited Washington, D.C. to play the Wizards last night, and new Buck J.J. Redick took some quality abuse: a classic "J.J. Redick sucks" chant, which he probably heard plenty at Duke. But whether it was because of the chant or not, Redick missed the free throw, which doesn't happen often — Redick's an 89% free-throw shooter, or sixth-best in the league.

Here's video, with the chant very, very audible.

Know who was proud of their good work? These dudes.

And, in particular, these dudes.

Even the Lakers Bros respect their hustle. Real recognize real.

H/T to Trey Kerby at The Basketball Jones

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