Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, And The Weirdest BBQ Sauce Endorsement Twitter’s Ever Seen

What’s become of one of the most intense rivalries in the history of sports? BBQ sauce.

1. Earlier today, Mike Tyson managed to take that time he bit Evander Holyfield’s ear off in the ring and turn it into a product endorsement. For Holyfield’s BBQ sauce.

2. One would think that Holyfield might be a bit sore (lololol) about this. But it turns out:

3. Then Holyfield started retweeting.

4. He definitely ate just one.

5. No better sportsmanship than one boxer biting another boxer’s ear off.

6. That’s great, Evander. We’re really happy for you. Weren’t you a four-time heavyweight champion?

7. Be careful. If this gets too popular, people are actually going to want to see Tyson bit off your other ear.

8. Glad to see his daughter getting in on the fun.

9. I guess this is kind of sweet?

10. OK, nevermind.

11. PERIOD. Everybody have a nice weekend.

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