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Metta World Peace Did The Weather Forecast In Vancouver

"It's raining everywhere! It's amazing! Victoria! She sounds like she's hot!"

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This is possibly the greatest thing I've ever seen.

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Highlights from Metta's forecast (though, to be quite honest, it's pretty much all a highlight):

— "It's raining everywhere! It's amazing!"

— "Victoria! She sounds like she's hot! But she's actually cold, 14 degrees."

— "Tofino! Tofu. I like tofu."

— "There's snow up there! But I don't know those names, so not going to worry about those places."

— *puts hand on empty place on map* "Watch out for there, stay away from there."

— "To get from this island to this island, take a boat."

— "This is beautiful! CTV, baby!"