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    Meet Lean Mean Danny Green, The Spurs' Sharpshooting Finals Hero

    Green — who was cut by LeBron's Cavaliers back in 2010 — is a major part of why the Spurs now lead the Heat two games to one.

    In Game 3 of the NBA Finals, the favored Heat lost by an insane 36 points in San Antonio. The biggest reason why were these two role players: Danny Green and Gary Neal, who combined for 13 threes.

    Eric Gay / AP

    Lean Mean Danny Green — who, in a delicious twist of irony, was cut by the Cavs after playing with LeBron in 2009-10 — has been the coolest story of the Finals so far. A second-round pick, he's now a Spurs starter who's become one of the league's best three-point shooters; he shot 42.9% this year and had the eighth-most three-point field goals in the NBA. And through three Finals games, he's only six threes shy of the record for most in a Finals.

    Walking through his threes from last night shows how effective — and weirdly likable — of a player he's become.

    He didn't hit his first until midway through the second quarter, burying one in the corner. Dwyane Wade cannot leave Green in the corner like that.


    In the third, he added two more, including this one right over Chris Bosh —

    — and this one, over LeBron James, right before he fell into the bench.

    The onslaught didn't really beging, though, until the fourth quarter.

    Show them your fingers; let them know what's up.

    Erik Spoelstra knows what's up.

    Here, Green's in the paint, then recognizes he can float out for a three.

    The next one is an absolute bomb. Range = unlimited.

    And he caps it all off when he's basically unguarded.

    You can't leave Lean Mean Danny Green open. HE'S TOO LEAN.