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Manti Te'o Is Still Lying

Te'o can't seem to keep his story straight about why he never saw the woman he thought was his girlfriend as she died in the hospital.

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In a January 18 interview with ESPN's Jeremy Schaap, Manti Te'o said visiting the woman he believed to be his girlfriend as she recovered from a car accident in the hospital "never really crossed my mind." "I don't know. I was in school," he added.

In an interview less than a week later with Katie Couric on Katie, Te'o contradicted himself. Couric asked why he didn't visit Lennay Kekua when she was in the hospital even though he had at one point been on a layover in San Diego, a two-hour drive from where Kekua was supposedly recovering from a car accident. Te'o said it was too far for him to make the drive, and he decided not to change his flight — but did originally have plans to see Kekua in San Diego.

Here's the video below.