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    Larry King Just Made His Predictions For The 2012 Baseball Season

    The King took to Twitter to issue his pronouncements. He likes... Toronto?

    Noted baseball fan, former talk show host, and current... well, currently, I'm not sure what he's up to aside from tweeting, but Larry King took to Twitter to make predictions for the 2012 baseball season.

    Overall, they're pretty reasonable, except that picking Toronto to win the AL East and Atlanta to win the NL East is sort of like expecting the 11-year-old to win the Hunger Games. (I've never read or seen The Hunger Games? I hope this metaphor makes sense?)

    To recap, Larry King's picks:

    AL East: Toronto Blue Jays (lolololol)

    AL Central: Detroit Tigers

    AL West: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of Los Angeles Angels

    AL Wild Cards: New York Yankees, Texas Rangers

    NL East: Atlanta Braves (also bold, which is a nice way of saying stupid)

    NL Central: Milwaukee Brewers

    NL West: San Francisco Giants

    NL Wild Cards: Philadelphia Phillies, Los Angeles Dodgers