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    Larry Fitzgerald And Matt Forte Break All The Tackles

    If you're going to be a great skill-position player, you need to be hard to tackle. Like this.

    Larry Fitzgerald is one of the best receivers in the NFL. Part of this is because of his tremendous leaping ability and great hands. Here's the other part.

    At 6'3", Fitzgerald is a big receiver. And he's tough to tackle — watch him barrel through Packers defensive backs after making the catch here.

    Because of Fitzgerald's strength, a five-yard pass becomes a 30-plus-yard touchdown.

    Matt Forte did the same thing. Like Fitzgerald, Forte's a sizable player while still being fast.

    His true ability as a runner lies in the open field, where Forte uses his agility to make defensive players miss.

    When he can't make them miss, though, it's time for the stiff arm. And the stiff arm is good.

    When you can drag a professional football player over five yards as he hangs off your arm, you are very, very strong.