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    Kobe Bryant Tweeted Out A Nonsense Math Equation And Everyone Was Like, "Kobe, You're Drunk"

    I think someone might be losing his mind.

    After beating the Timberwolves Thursday night, Kobe Bryant unleashed this gibberish tweet on his unsuspecting followers. The responses were great.

    Many of them were some version of, "GO HOME KOBE YOU'RE DRUNK."

    But a few intrepid souls actually tried to decipher the inner workings of Kobe's brain, which is like trying to unravel a ball of hair.

    A couple of folks got so close that Kobe graced them with Svengali-esque New-Age motivational tweets.

    One guy tried to go all "Beautiful Mind" on Kobe's riddle.

    But he failed.

    But then Taco from Odd Future solved it. We can all go home.