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Anthony Davis Is The NCAA Basketball Player Of The Year, And Here's Why

Davis' dominance encapsulated in one easy GIF.

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Kentucky forward Anthony Davis is potentially a sport-changing athlete. He dribbles like a guard, has a smooth jump shot, and is six-foot-one-million-inches tall. And, if you happen to be part of the offense that has the misfortune of playing him on any given night, you have to fundamentally adjust the way you attack the hoop. This is why:

With two hops, Davis went from covering the paint to swatting a shot released more than seven feet in the air, thanks to John Henson's 7'4" wingspan. More than anything else, this epitomizes the athleticism and effect inherent to Davis' game. Fear him and respect him, NBA players/fans, unless you're the lucky bastards who win the draft lottery.

For more on this, check out Ethan Sherwood Strauss' very good essay for The Classical, "Anthony Davis in Space."

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