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Jose Canseco's Ex-Girlfriend Is Laying Into Him On Twitter

The hits keep coming.

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As recently as March 21, Leila Shennib was tweeting her support for boyfriend Jose Canseco, or, as BuzzFeed readers might know him better, @JoseCanseco.

But oh how times have changed. Leila revealed earlier that she's no longer with Jose, and she's been on a roll the last few days. Let's try and understand this twisted saga as it happened.


All right, let's go over what the accusations made on Twitter today by Leila Shennib:

1. Jose Canseco is millions of dollars in debt.

2. He's mentally under duress and a danger to himself and others.

3. He's stalking his ex-girlfriend.

4. He's possibly still using steroids.

It's a contemporary American love story.