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    Jose Canseco Made Ads For Old Milwaukee Beer

    "Here's to not cheating, Kansas City. Sometimes last place is first place."

    Remember those Will Ferrell Old Milwaukee ads? Yeah, now they've got Jose Canseco. Not nearly as funny, but still kind of funny.

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    Of course Jose can't get the beer open. Canseco's spot hearkens back to the Kansas City Royals' only World Series championship, in 1985. It also references steroids, of which Canseco took a bunch. And apparently, this ad only aired in Kansas City. Old Milwaukee, keep doing what you're doing.

    This one seems to be played pretty straight, though.

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    "Baseball was bigger than a few rotten apples. It's back. Just like this little beer here, Old Milwaukee. It's back. Baseball's back. I'm back. Why not."

    Just because it's funny: one of the Will Ferrell ads.

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