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    Mar 8, 2013

    Jimmy Kimmel Made Fun Of Kobe Bryant And Kobe Laughed Like A Lunatic

    Kobe's laughter was clearly covering up the fact that he wanted to murder Kimmel on the spot.

    Last night, Kobe Bryant, aka the Black Mamba, aka Vino, aka Midrange Jumpers Make Her Dance, went on Jimmy Kimmel Live. And Kimmel did what few men dare to do: he ragged on Kobe.

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    Kimmel: "Have you ever gotten any overtures from Kim Jong Un? Him being a big NBA fan, I would imagine he's a fan of yours too."

    Kobe: "I haven't heard anything yet."

    Kimmel: "Would you go over there and focus on stopping this potential nuclear warhead that could come over? That seems more important than the game."

    Kobe: "I would probably pass."

    Kimmel: "You would pass on that one."

    Kobe: "I would probably pass."

    Kimmel: "Oh, for once you're passing."


    Kobe laughed uprorariously — so uproariously that it was pretty obvious he was covering up the angst and rage he felt inside. In light of this, we decided to translate what he was really thinking.

    He actually laughed for about 10 seconds straight.

    No human being laughs for that long, in earnest, at a joke made at his expense.

    If I were in Kimmel's camp, I'd have extra protection on him around the clock for the next few days.