JaVale McGee Just Went And Totally Redeemed Himself

Yeah, JaVale, you’ve done some weird and terrible things on basketball courts before, but this is indisputably amazing.

1. JaVale McGee and his Denver Nuggets — yes, his Denver Nuggets — played the Houston Rockets last night. JaVale did something in that game, something that makes up for all the bad things he’s done on court previously.

He self-alley-ooped in traffic on one of the league’s most athletic and best defensive centers, Omer Asik.

2. Watch it again. Everything about it is perfect. It’s like a dunk-Rothko.

3. JaVale knew. JaVale knows his greatness. And so JaVale ran down the court with an insane look on his face and rocked a little finger-‘stache, like a boss.

4. Shhhhhhh. Just sit and think about what JaVale McGee means to you.

5. We need to all reflect on JaVale McGee at least once a day.

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