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    JaVale McGee Is Now The Patron Saint Of Shunning Hockey

    Pierre takes a bold stand on Twitter, as he is wont to do.

    JaVale McGee is well known for having the greatest Twitter account in the NBA and, arguably, the universe. (Did I say arguably? I meant inarguably. It's a Commandment. Not sure which.)

    So, even when JaVale — or Pierre, as he goes by on Twitter for some inexplicable reason — makes a controversial statement, you have to think about it. Have to give it its due, so to speak. Like that thing he said about his mom:

    I can't speak to how gangsta his moms is, but she does look like she will take no guff, no guff at all.

    And last night, after JaVale/Pierre/The Greatest Dude In The World ridiculed his teammate, Wilson Chandler, I had to do some thinking.

    “@wilsonchandler: Had a great time at the Blackhawks/Red Wings game”BOOORING

    Pierre McGee


    “@wilsonchandler: Had a great time at the Blackhawks/Red Wings game”BOOORING

    Is hockey, in fact, BOOORING? Have I been misunderstanding it this whole time? Were all those state championships I watched my high school win just a side-effect of a dreamlike fugue state? Is my life actually a David Lynch film?

    I'm going to have to pull rank here, JaVale — hockey is many things, but it isn't boring.