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    In Defense Of Dwyane Wade's Hot Pink Pants

    The Miami Heat guard was ridiculed by the Internet last night, when he arrived at the arena in pink pants. Those people clearly don't understand the power of SWAG.

    In defense of Dwyane Wade's pink pants:

    1. The tapered legs are good.

    2. They're kind of weirdly tight/high-riding in the midsection area? But at least they show that the dude's in shape, in case you were wondering.

    3. The color matches the color of his sneaker-soles, which just overflows with swag.

    4. Solid, understated belt choice.

    5. Colored khakis are generally a good bet, especially compared to the voluminous slacks that some guys would opt for when trying to dress up.

    6. Doubles as a possible costume for cameo-ing in Dirty Dancing.

    7. He also has a sweet bag, yo.

    8. They go great with big-ass sneakers that appear to have a strap on them.

    9. Same with his big-ass watch. ACCESSORIES, BRO.

    10. At least they're not Nantucket Red.