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    Posted on Apr 16, 2013

    I Can't Stop Looking At This Fan's Preposterously Large Baseball Glove

    It's like he put a clown shoe on his hand. It's like real-life Looney Tunes.

    During the fourth inning of Monday night's Pirates-Cardinals game, a routine batter went up for a routine at-bat, not knowing — how could he? — what the ball had in its future.

    As the ball rockets into the right-field stands, we see a Cardinals outfielder hustling, and a man — a man with a baseball glove the size of a Kodiak bear — waiting in the stands. Sure enough, that intrepid fan grabs it.

    Seriously, look at that thing: it's bigger than most propeller aircraft. I'm surprised the weight of it doesn't knock him over.

    Let's see that again. That glove should be used to catch fugitives.

    Imagine being this outfielder. "Hey, I have a chance at this! Hey, I — darn. I guess my glove wasn't big enough."

    Here's video of the wondrous event.

    H/T to Tom Ley at Deadspin