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How To Receive The Ultimate Death Stare From Your Boss

Let basketball player Michael Beasley show you how!

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In any line of work — basketball, for instance — there are some things you just cannot do. Because if you do these things, your boss will filet you with a samurai sword, aka his or her eyes.

For example: well-known miscreant Michael Beasley threw up this miserable, contested airball against the Celtics.

(This is, uh, not the first time Michael Beasley has been less than a model employee.)

Beasley's boss is coach Lindsey Hunter. And Coach Hunter was not happy with Beasley's shot-selection.

In fact, he shot Beasley the sort of skin-withering death-glare that anyone who has ever had a job knows to fear and avoid.

Check the end, where Hunter clearly looks to someone else on the Suns' bench as though he needs reassurance that what he just witnessed actually happened, particularly considering how closely it resembled the nightmare he had the night before that woke him in an icy sweat.

Here's video of the whole thing —

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— and, for comparison's sake, here's Zach Randolph pulling similar boneheadedness back when he was with the Knicks, topped off by a ghastly Isiah Thomas reaction.

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H/T to Kelly Dwyer at Yahoo's Ball Don't Lie

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