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    How Not To Be An NBA Player

    "This might be a record!" the announcers say. They don't mean a good record.

    Wednesday night, the Brooklyn Nets were in Detroit to face off against the Pistons. They won 93-90 no thanks to swingman Mirza Teletovic, who airballed THREE STRAIGHT SHOTS. Here's the first:

    Shake it off, Teletovic. You're shooting 37% from the field and 36% from three this year. This is your chance to get those numbers UP.

    Get them up. Get those numbers up. Get them — ah.

    Teletovic on the left here sees the shot goes up, sees it miss the rim, and is like, yeah, let's get while the getting's good.

    ANOTHER CHANCE. Let's go. LET'S — gah. Arghhhh. Glrharhahglhaglh.

    Three airballs in 40 seconds! That might be a record of some sort. Not a good record. Really a very bad record.