How Not To Be An NBA Player

“This might be a record!” the announcers say. They don’t mean a good record.

1. Wednesday night, the Brooklyn Nets were in Detroit to face off against the Pistons. They won 93-90 no thanks to swingman Mirza Teletovic, who airballed THREE STRAIGHT SHOTS. Here’s the first:

2. Shake it off, Teletovic. You’re shooting 37% from the field and 36% from three this year. This is your chance to get those numbers UP.

3. Get them up. Get those numbers up. Get them — ah.

4. Teletovic on the left here sees the shot goes up, sees it miss the rim, and is like, yeah, let’s get while the getting’s good.

5. ANOTHER CHANCE. Let’s go. LET’S — gah. Arghhhh. Glrharhahglhaglh.

6. Three airballs in 40 seconds! That might be a record of some sort. Not a good record. Really a very bad record.

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