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    High School Kid Kicks What Would Be The NFL's Longest-Ever Field Goal

    So, the strongest field-goal kicker in the world is, like, 17. What have you done with your life?

    Austin Rehkow, a senior at Central Valley High School in Washington, kicked a 67-yard(!!!!) game-tying field goal last night

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    To put that in perspective: no kicker in the NFL has ever kicked a field goal longer than 63 yards, and that's only happened three times. Rehkow outdid that by a full four yards. That is insane. Apparently, there have been three other kicks longer than 67 yards by high-school kickers, but none in over a decade. And although Rehkow doesn't currently have any full scholarship offers, that could change after this.

    Check it out: here's where Central Valley lined up for the kick. They haven't even crossed midfield yet.

    And here's the razor-thin margin by which he cleared the crossbar.