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Hey Look, It's An NBA Player Dressed Like The Cat In The Hat

Harrison Barnes is getting his Seuss on. This is actually super-creepy. But, since I'm inspired now, here are some other NBA players who could make good Seuss characters, too.

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Barnes captioned the photo with, "Had to get in character for this reading...all comments are gladly welcome lol." Here are some comments:

1. You look like you tried to draw on a Guy Fawkes mask.

2. Is that a clip-on bowtie??? COME ON, MAN.

3. Way to frame it with your beard.

4. Glad you learned something at UNC.

5. Do you see the Cat in the Hat wearing a picture of himself on his hat? That's what I thought.

6. I don't even really get how you drew across your lips.

All joking aside, kudos to Harrison Barnes for reading to kids. That's a good look.

All joking no longer aside, here are some other NBA players and the Seuss characters they should dress up as: