Hey, It’s NBA Superstar Steve Nash Holding A Torah At A Bar Mitzvah

Mazel tov!

1. This dude, sitting at a bar mitzvah and holding a Torah, looks an awful lot like Los Angeles Lakers superstar Steve Nash, doesn’t he?

(That’s the Torah that Nash is holding, wrapped in a cover.)

Reddit says he is Steve Nash, and, I mean, Reddit’s not exactly infallible, BUT: if you search “Steve Nash bar mitzvah” on Twitter — and I do this on a pretty regular basis, because obviously — there’s some supporting evidence.

This bar mitzvah I’m at is called a BALL-mitzvah. The dance floor is a real bball court, Laker girls are coming & Steve Nash is doing intro— Tanjareen Martin

Former NBA player and friend Danny Schayes at Bar Mitzvah! Heard @SteveNash was coming. I must of missed him! http://t.co/2BiXoTYHg7— Corey Rich

Again, not exactly incontrovertible evidence, but if Steve Nash had been accused of a murder at the time of this bar mitzvah, this would be a decent alibi. Unless the murder happened at the bar mitzvah, of course. Anyway, mazel tov to this kid who had parents connected enough to get Steve Nash come to a “ball-mitzvah.” You’re a man now, so go work on your left-hand dribble.

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