Heat Fans Left One Of The Best Games In Finals History, Begged To Be Let Back In


1. During Tuesday night’s epic Game 6 Heat win in Miami, during which the Heat came back from five down in the last 30 seconds to tie things up, ESPN’s Bomani Jones took this photo.

Yes, that IS what it looks like: fans leaving a game that could decide the NBA Championship — a game that they likely paid large amounts of money to attend — with the Heat only two points down.

Look: I’m not going to nag on these people because they opted to leave the game early. That’s their prerogative. They’re not obligated to stay at the game. But the thing is: WHY? Why leave a game that you chose to go to — a close game! a crucial game! — when you could NOT leave? What is going on in these peoples’ minds? I feel like I’m GOING INSANE.

Dan Devine at Yahoo’s Ball Don’t Lie has an extensive collection of tweets and etc. describing what happened. But the best, the absolute best, are these two:

Victor Oquendo


Now I’m watching horrible, drunk, quitting fans desperately trying to get back in. This is madness.

Victor Oquendo


Cops finally here. Fans still pounding on the doors begging to be let in.

Is there anything better than the idea that hundreds of drunk, foolish fans left a game that was already close and then begged to be let back in when the game stayed close, except with less time left?

No! No there is not.

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