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    Heat Coach Gives Press Conference While High On Illegal Street Drugs

    Spo, buddy: you all right? (He wasn't actually on drugs, he just made some funny faces, but let's pretend.)

    Garrett Ellwood / Getty Images

    Heat coach Erik Spoelstra had reason to be happy after Thursday night's NBA Finals Game 4: the Heat won, evening the series at two games to two. But in his presser after, Spo seemed to be a little...erratic.

    Right as the presser opened, he shrugged, threw out his arms, and pursed his lips. He seemed agitated, confused, and restless.

    And then, during a question from ESPN's Kevin Arnovitz about small lineups, he absolutely freaked out. He felt everything. He realized the world isn't something outside his being, but something that he is part of. And he wanted his part to be in harmony.

    It's impossible to know what exactly was going through Spo's mind at the time. We'll probably never know.

    H/T to @CJZero for spotting