Guy Who Just Recorded Highest-Ever NBA Vertical Is Coincidentally An Amazing Dunker

Man, someone’s got to draft D.J. Stephens just for this.

Chad Ford reported some fascinating news from NBA Draft workouts today:

Chad Ford


Here at Brooklyn Nets workout. My favorite @DdotJAY30 is here. Measured with a 46” max vert here. Highest EVER measured by NBA

@DdotJAY30 is D.J. Stephens. Still doesn’t sound familiar? That’s not surprising — not playing much until his senior year, Stephens put up 7.6 points, 6.6 rebounds, and 2.6 blocks for a good-but-not-great tournament-qualifying Memphis team. Those numbers are enhanced by the fact that he shot 63% (!!!) from the field as a 6’5” power forward (?!?!). Those preposterous stats stem from the fact that this dude is one of the best athletes in the 2013 draft class. For evidence, I present, first, that vertical number, and second, these three highlights.

D.J. Stephens Can Kiss The Rim


D.J. Stephens Can Levitate, Holmes


D.J. Stephens Has His Own Private Elevator

Kyle Nelson at DraftExpress compares Stephens to an incredibly raw Tony Allen and gives him the off chance of catching on because of how great an athlete he is, despite the fact that he never proved he could score on a college level, much less a professional one.

Still: somebody better draft this guy.

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