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Giant Men In Floral Shirts: Your Authoritative NBA Playoff Style Review

It's what playoff basketball has always been about — leather vests, man-capris, and monocles.

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Here's your reminder that even giant human beings like to look fly. The NBA playoffs, especially postgame press conferences, have in recent years become the fiercest fashion staging ground this side of Vogue, and I've ranked 16 of this year's most prominent moments so far from worst to best. Unfortunate spoiler alert: none of them involve Zubaz.

16. Carmelo Anthony of the Knicks wore a bunch of fedoras.

He may also be wearing a ratty Silver Surfer t-shirt and ponytail in each of these pictures. I'm just guessing based on the damn hats, since they already burned my retinas out.

14. If Pacer center Roy Hibbert had actually worn this monocle during his press conference...

NBA fashion game - Pacers Roy Hibbert and the monocle he brought to the podium. #UppingTheAnte @Hoya2aPacer

Rachel Nichols


NBA fashion game - Pacers Roy Hibbert and the monocle he brought to the podium. #UppingTheAnte @Hoya2aPacer

Advertisement would've been the coolest thing since Jack Kennedy last stood on a boat. But he DIDN'T. Shame on you, Roy.




Kobe, you get penalized. LeBron, you got penalized because Kobe copied you. Sorry, that's just how these things work. (Also, did they both get beads at the same Mardi Gras party?)


3. James Harden with micro-floral prints for the discerning beard-grower.

Bill Baptist / Getty Images

Artisanal shirting, y'heard? Harden's got a nice place up in the hills, little cottage by a stream. He's gonna go up there, do some gardening, maybe try this Thai cookbook he bought at the used bookstore.

1. Here's the champ, though.

The Knicks' Iman Shumpert might actually be the coolest dude alive. If you don't think he looks awesome here, you need to re-assess your values. Shump's hair alone could've defeated Napoleon.

All in all, a solid playoffs so far, with most of the missteps at least borne out of ambition. The best part is that we're only in Round 2. To be continued...