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    "Game Of Thrones" Writer George R.R. Martin Has A Very Active LiveJournal

    On which he yells about the New York Jets.

    Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

    George R.R. Martin is the writer and creator of the book series A Song of Ice and Fire. That's his very large picture, above. You may have heard of him: Game of Thrones, the television show based on that book series, is very good. Which is better — the book or the TV series — depends on your taste for overwrought descriptions of sex between people with very similar DNA.

    ANYWAY: George R.R. Martin doesn't limit his writing to novels about warring kings and siblings having sex and hundreds of characters who you forget about after 30 seconds until they show up again a thousand pages later. He also has a blog.

    And that blog happens to be a LiveJournal.

    Hey, George!

    So, George R.R. Martin runs the world's last surviving LiveJournal. This came to our attention because he used it to pillory the Jets, who traded away their best player, Darelle Revis, for a Milk Bone and some pogs.

    A quick trip back through the NFL tag of his blog reveals that, in fact, GRRM writes about the NFL not infrequently — mainly, his two favorite teams, the Jets...and Giants?

    (Can you be both a Jets and Giants fan? I don't know, I'm uncomfortable with it. It's like putting ketchup and mustard on barbecue.)

    As you can see, both the Jets and the Giants make GRRM very happy. So happy, in fact, that he can only convey his emotions via little proto-internet animated alien emoticons that haven't been seen since 2003.

    "slough of despond"

    The NFL isn't the only thing GRRM writes about, though. He also talks about his email. And how it doesn't work. How does someone's email stop working? Don't worry, it got fixed.

    And there's this monkey that he got off his back, accompanied with a very literal picture of him carrying a monkey on his back.

    I'm not going too far back into the past, because to do so would mean going very far — this blog has been operational since 2005. Unlike most LiveJournals, though, it's still KICKING.

    According to this New Yorker profile from 2011, GRRM is easily distracted. Explains why there are so many blog posts and still two yet-to-be-written Game of Thrones books.