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    Former Yankee Chuck Knoblauch Tried To Pick Up Two Women On The G Train

    And one thing about the story is REALLY WEIRD.

    There's a story going around the interwebs today that former Yankees provocateur Chuck Knoblauch hit on two women while riding the G train the other day.

    The story is interesting if not wholly not unique — drunk star-gone-to-seed clumsily tries to spit game — but one detail about it really caught my eye:

    And I scoffed and rolled my eyes because BUDDY you are wearing chef pants on the G train and you’re fat and don’t even try to hint to me that you’re a former major league baseball player. ... At this point we were just kind of egging him on so I asked him if he has ever played professional baseball and he said he couldn’t answer that but that he was recently divorced from his wife and 'Are you sisters? Want to come uptown with me? I’ll just have to change first.'"


    Is he a chef now?

    Where is Chuck Knoblauch's restaurant?

    Is it in Greenpoint?

    Is Chuck Knoblauch living a second-life as a foodie All-Star hipster chef?

    Can he still not throw the ball from second to first?

    If you have the answer to any and/or all of these questions, email me immediately.