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Dear Aspiring Quarterbacks: Don't Ever, Ever Do This

So, let's say you dream of playing quarterback. Here's Vikings playoff starter Joe Webb to demonstrate one thing you should never do.

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This is Joe Webb. After not throwing a single pass during the season, Webb is starting for the Vikings in their playoff game against the Packers after Christian Ponder was ruled out.

Andy Lyons / Getty Images

Webb's widely regarded as a great running QB, but it remained to be seen how he would handle throwing the ball.

One thing Webb has had trouble with is, uh, doing things like this.

One rule of quarterbacking: if you get locked up in the backfield, take a sack. Don't try and force a throw that could end up an easy interception or a fumble. Webb completely disregards this, throwing a weird pop-fly that could've easily been picked off.

Joe Webb was sacked twice in the first half. He completed three passes. That's not good.

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