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Cristiano Ronaldo's Amazing Goal Told Through GIFs

The goal, the celebration, a dancing girl: this is a story of its own.

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Here's a quick look at the beautiful cross from Joao Moutinho, who, after touching the ball away from a Czech defender, sent it looping into the box.

And here's the goal. Ronaldo headed in a perfect cross from Joao Moutinho 79 minutes into the game to put Portugal up 1-0.

Ronaldo then made a savvy run toward the ball and connected in a way that made it near-impossible for Cech to make the save.

Immediately afterward, our courageous goalscorer did something weird with his hands? I don't know.

This woman was really happy, and she danced with a Portuguese flag.

You might hate Ronaldo, but he doesn't care.

Portugal will meet the winner of Spain vs. France in the Euro 2012 semifinals.

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