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    Christian Laettner Maybe Once Chased An Abstinence Educator Down The Halls Of His High School Yelling "Virgin!"

    And you thought you knew everything about Christian Laettner..

    As one of the most hated players on the most hated team in college basketball, Christian Laettner already has a rich public history. But it may be about to get richer.

    Amy Sancetta, File / AP

    Reader Allison points us to this video of abstinence lecturer Pam Stenzel. We've cut it to its relevant part: when she discusses a certain student she encountered.

    You can watch the full video here, though I have no idea why you'd want to do that.

    According to Stenzel's website, the video was filmed in 1993. She describes a senior boy, 6'8", with a 4.0 GPA and a full ride to Duke University to play basketball chasing her down the hall of his Buffalo high school while yelling, "VIRGIN!" He then asked her about being a virgin and yada yada yada — I don't really care about some high school kid's sex life.

    What I do care about is a basketball player chasing some abstinence educator down the halls of his high school while yelling "VIRGIN" at the top of his lungs.

    Particularly when that basketball player might be Christian Laettner.

    Let's review:

    Christian Laettner went to Nichols School in Buffalo, New York. He graduated in 1988, or before that video was filmed. ESPN has him as 6'7" during his freshman season of high school and 6'9" as a sophomore, both well in the realm of the 6'8" student that Stenzel identified. And according to reader Allison's research, the only other Duke players during this era from even near Buffalo were Greg Koubek out of Clifton Park and the late Tom Emma, of Manhasset.

    In other words: that kid referenced by the woman in the abstinence video appears to match the credentials of Christian Laettner, the guy who hit The Shot, the guy who stomped on another player's chest, the guy who won two NCAA Championships and played on the Dream Team as a college student. Now, we only have Stenzel's word on this, and it's possible that the kid this woman talked to did not end up honoring his full ride to Duke, but regardless:

    It's another colorful chapter in the legend of Christian Laettner.