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    Chris Bosh Wants You To Learn How To Code, Is Scared Of Everything

    Christopher Bosh bringing a new meaning to the term PIVOT. You know, because he pivots in the paint. I'll see myself out.

    The website just released a video promoting the idea of teaching coding in school. It's a nice cause, and it also features an all-star cast of characters, including Bill Gates

    Jack Dorsey

    and Mark Zuckerberg. Makes sense! Zuckerberg and Gates are two of the richest and best-known tech guys in the world, and Dorsey created Twitter.

    But then, uh, the cast of characters gets a little more varied. Like You know, the guy in the Black Eyed Peas. He compares rock stars to coders. Or coders to rock stars. I don't know.

    And, best of all: hey Chris!

    Christopher Bosh's contributions are across-the-board fantastic. First, he says that, sure, coding is intimdating, but so is EVERYTHING ELSE.

    Seriously: here's the transcript. "Coding is something that can be learned. I know it can be intimidating. A lot of things are intimidating. But, you know, what isn't?"

    Things that intimidate Chris Bosh:


    Nate Robinson

    Dehydrated ice cream

    The Magna Carta

    Competitive sports




    Ghost alien spiders



    A sock

    Later in the video, Bosh remembers when kids laughed at him.

    "When I was in school I was in this after-school group called the Whiz Kids. And when people found out, they laughed at me, and you know, all these things. And I'm like, man, I don't care. I think it's cool, and I'm learning a lot, and some of my friends have jobs."

    OK, first off: when was this? His friends had jobs? Secondly, if his friends were of the age to have jobs, Bosh was of the age to be about 19 feet tall, meaning that kids laughing at him probably didn't mean much. Thirdly: an after-school group called the Whiz Kids? How could he possibly be older than 9 and in a group called the Whiz Kids?

    This is the face Chris Bosh will make at you if you laugh at him.

    Man — Chris Bosh is the best. Here's the full video, if you want to hear what the actual tech people say.

    View this video on YouTube

    H/T to Leslie Horn at Gizmodo