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    Mar 5, 2013

    Chris Bosh Is The World's Greatest Videobomber And This Is Supporting Evidence

    Do the robot, Christopher. Do it on television.

    After a recent game, Dwyane Wade was minding his own business, giving his customary post-game interview to the press.

    Until he was interrupted by the Undisputed Heavyweight Videobombing Champion Of The World, Chris Bosh, who came flying in, doing the Robot like a drunk teenager at a bad club.

    This is just the latest edition in a long line of great Chris Bosh photobombs. Boshobombs, you could call them. Or photoBoshes. Either/or.

    Here's the video. Chris Bosh is the world's largest bird.

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    Andrew Innerarity / Reuters

    Illustration by Jack Moore/Buzzfeed