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    BuzzFeed Bets: Will Tiger Woods Win The Masters?

    Tiger Woos is back, having secured his first tournament win in two-and-a-half years last month. But for his star to truly be ascendant once again, he'll have to win a major, and the Masters has always been his bread and butter. Can he win? Jack and I disagree. One of us will be right. The other will humiliate himself in public. Everybody wins. (Plus Jack pays off last week's bet and sings Bieber.)

    TIMOTHY A. CLARY / Getty Images

    NO: Jack

    TIMOTHY A. CLARY / Getty Images

    This is a ridiculous question. Tiger Woods has won once in like two years. Why should we act like he's a favorite? That's insane. The old Tiger is not walking through that door, because the old Tiger is. He did look good when he won the Palmer a couple weeks ago, but he needs to do that more than once if he wants the "Tiger vs. the Field" treatment.

    YES: Kevin

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    Look, betting on one guy to win a golf tournament is like betting on horses, except there are more golfers to choose from and you're probably wearing a visor when you do it. But I'm NOT wearing a visor right now, and I do think Tiger will win this weekend. Unlike the Woods of old, the new Tiger is a mentally fragile creature whose performance seems to depend on what's going on inside his head. That last win did wonders, and with Hank Haney's book out, he's got some of that anger fueling him as well. Barring a transcendent performance from Rory McIlroy — which, at his young age, only comes once every few tournaments, instead of every single week like it will not long from now — Tiger takes the Masters.

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    Results from last week:

    Kevin wins! Vinny del Negro remarkably remains the coach of the Clippers. Jack had to sing Bieber's "Boyfriend."