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    Mar 11, 2013

    Buzzer-Beater Misses Hoop, Hits Mop Guy In The Face

    Landry Fields tried to end the third quarter on a high note for his team. Instead, he hits some poor dude square in the head.

    It's always worth throwing up a shot at the end of the quarter, no matter how far away you are. However, these shots come with risks. Maybe not for you, Landry Fields, but for others.

    Fields' heave hits the poor mop guy square in the face. Right in the brain-shell. Dude was just mopping the floor, minding his own business, when BAM: clobbered by an orange projectile.

    The moment of impact:

    It looks even worse from another angle.

    That's going to sting real bad. Weird that the mop guy was wearing a bikini, btw.