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Butler Bench Goofball Is March Madness's First Breakout Hero

Bucknell players are going to be seeing this dude in their sleep.

In a tight first-round tourney game, Butler beat Bucknell 68-56. Toward the end, after Butler hit a three to take a big lead, this bench player celebrated in provocative fashion.

What's provocative about it? Well:

1) The open mouth. Definitely the open mouth.

2) The laughing. This kid probably hasn't laughed this hard since that time his buddy wiped out skating a pool in the sixth grade.

3) The three monocle, of course. The three monocle is always provocative.

4) The fact that he's a bench player. Some people don't take kindly to bench players celebrating like this.

5) The hand clap, which is basically him being like, "Yo. YOOOO."

6) The fact that, even though he's not wearing a little diamond-stud earring, it looks like he should be wearing a little diamond-stud earring.

7) His haircut. It just adds to everything.

Now, I think this kid is awesome. I think this kid is a perfect representation of college basketball. But if you were playing against him, he would piss. you. off.

That being said, he might not even be the best part about this bench. Look at that dude on the left. Look closer.

What is he doing with his face??? Let's look EVEN CLOSER.

Strong work. Oh, and also, the three-monocle guy's name? "Andrew Smeathers." Perfect. Keep it up, Butler.