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    Posted on Dec 5, 2012

    Brad Pitt Is The Bravest Man In The World

    Based on the fact that he didn't die of fright after this experience, Pitt couldn't possibly be anything but.

    Mike Tyson gave an interview to In Depth with Graham Bensinger, and in it he tells one hell of an '80s story. In 1989, he was finalizing his divorce from actress Robin Givens. Apparently, they were still, uh, being intimate during the proceedings, though, and one day, Tyson says he got a little more than he anticipated when he showed up at Givens' house.

    Why is Brad Pitt the bravest man in the world? Well, listen to what Tyson says next, and check out what he he looked like at that time of his career.

    Scared, that's totally fine. Even brave men get scared. The fact that he didn't DIE is what makes him truly brave.

    However, this story has another wrinkle. Tyson's told it before, except in those cases, he said he merely went to Givens' house to have sex, found that Givens wasn't home, was about to leave, then saw Givens arrive with Brad Pitt in tow.

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    (That's Pitt with Givens, above.)

    And in this case, Tyson said he wasn't mad at Pitt or Givens — he "was just depressed [he] couldn’t bone her no more."

    If Tyson's new tale is the truth — even if it's not — what moral should we take away from this story?