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    Bearded NBA Giant Dunks On Woman, Has No Regard For Human Life

    DeAndre Jordan posterizes an ESPN host in a CLEAR MISMATCH.

    The youths are posterizing each other. It's what the teens are doing right now. See this GIF for cold, hard proof. #teens

    When the youths — the TEENS — are doing something, the adults want to get involved too. And normally, I'd give pretty little thought to an ESPN promo based on a barely existent meme, but:

    When 6'11" Clipper center DeAndre Jordan dunks on a woman who's about half the size he is (SportsNation's Charissa Thompson), it's hard to ignore. And then he makes this face:

    I'm glad you found a way to keep that dunking game sharpened and polished this offseason, DeAndre.

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    Something of this magnitude requires a clip of Kevin Harlan calling a LeBron James thunderjam. NO. REGARD. FOR. HUMAN. LIFE.

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