22 Photos Of Athletes With Adorable Animals

Alliteration! Also LOOK PANDA BEARS

1. “Hey uh look what I found (grumble grumble)”

2. Lifelong Penguin Mario Lemieux always wondered when he’d get to meet his bosses

3. Athletes Advocating For Adorable Animals

5. “What do you MEAN there aren’t any skates in my size?” “Sorry, dog.”

This is Patrick Eaves, by the way.

6. “Nice teeth, Beluga whale,” said the Atlanta Falcons.

7. Brandi Chastain likes 1. dogs 2. being awesome

8. David Ortiz gets very emotional around dogs

10. Does Pikachu count as an animal? Does the Phillie Phanatic count as an athlete? Sure!

11. Cheetahs are liable to false-start.

12. Apparently, when players sign with Benfica, they have to hold this eagle. Pablo Aimar’s like, “What up, eagle.”

13. The Astros might be baseball’s worst team, BUT THEY HAVE A PET CALENDAR

14. “My name is Evgeni Malkin, and I prefer being big spoon. Especially with lions.

15. Back when athletes’ salaries were lower, Catfish Hunter used to freelance as a ringleader at Barnum and Bailey’s circus.*

*not true

16. Jake the Snake: often seen with snakes!

17. Chillin with Venus / chillin with Venus / When I say I’m chillin with Venus / I’m really chillin with Venus

18. Gianluca Zambrotta recruiting the newest Italian national team player

19. Cannavaro does the same

20. New York Islanders wives and girlfriends at the 2010 DOGCATEMY CELEBRITY GALA

21. Delonte West dragged Lamar Odom to the zoo.


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