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Real Estate VP Praises Alex Rodriguez As Home-Design Visionary In Comical Fashion

At least his second career is figured out already.

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ESPN's Darren Rovell reported that Alex Rodriguez just sold his Miami home for $30 million, making a $15 million profit. Why the big windfall? WELL LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING ABOUT ALEX RODRIGUEZ: He doesn't just have good taste in designer steroids. Rovell writes:

It has nine bedrooms and 11 bathrooms with the oft-coveted European white oak flooring throughout. Its most impressive feature is at the rear of the house, where clear, glass windows can be adjusted so that someone can walk straight outside. The house also features a zen garden and rooftop deck.

Essentially, Rodriguez — whose 2012 OPS was .783, his lowest since he was 19 years old — doubled the value of his property thanks to his tremendous sense of design, both exterior and interior. And not only did he double the value, by means of that oft-coveted European white oak, those clear glass windows, and that zen garden: He made it into one of the most expensive properties ever sold in Miami. Rovell also got some choice quotes from a guy who works with A-Rod on real-estate projects: "'Alex was ahead of his time in his design of the modern, clean, elegant structure,' More said. 'There are eight houses in the area that are now being built exactly like this... He really enjoys the design process.'"

This is good for the MLB's reigning second most-hated player, considering that the 14-time All-Star's best baseball-playing days are almost certainly behind him, and that he won't even be able to take a field this year until after the All-Star Break, AND that the Yankees are doing just fine without him, thank you.

To recap:

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So clearly, the path is open for Rodriguez to become a world-beating interior decorator. One thing you can rely on: high-end popcorn makers in every A-Rod home.

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