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An NFL Quarterback's Twitter Rant About Supercuts And His Terrible Hair

He started a haircutter war.

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The saga began when Jimmy Clausen, Panthers QB and former Notre Dame star, tweeted his distaste with a Supercuts haircut.

Why was an NFL QB getting a haircut at Supercuts? WAIT AND FIND OUT.

Like Jimmy Clausen, Brady Quinn also played quarterback at Notre Dame and now in the NFL.

Clausen's explanation seems to make sense, though. He was eating, saw a Supercuts, needed a haircut. Perfect storm. (Based on his choice of haircut, he was probably eating at a Chili's.)

LOL not going to bed yet though

Then Jimmy gets trolled by the Panthers' communications assistant.

I mean, not really?

And the opposition, seeing their chance, SWOOPS IN

But Supercuts isn't taking this lying down.

God... no.

Some dude with 20 followers throws shade at Long-haired Jimmy, and Jimmy calls in fellow pro Golden Tate to back him up.

Greg Olsen must have a match handy, because he's delivering the BURN.

Goodnight, Jimmy!