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    An NBA Player Attacked His Wife's WNBA Team On Twitter

    Shelden Williams was not happy with how Candace Parker's coaches handled the end of the Sparks' conference finals loss.

    After playing at Duke, Shelden Williams played at least part of six seasons in the NBA before heading to the Euroleague, where he is now. But the most interesting thing about Williams' professional career isn't his performance — it's that he's married to Candace Parker, one of the greatest women's basketball players ever.

    Last night, Parker's WNBA team, the Los Angeles Sparks, played the second game of a best two-out-of-three conference finals against the Minnesota Lynx. The Sparks were already down by one game, and so last night was a do-or-die scenario. Despite putting up an insane line during the game — 33 points, 15 rebounds, 5 assists, 4 blocks — and hitting the shot that put the Sparks up late, Parker was passed over for the attempt at a last-second game-winner in favor of teammate Alana Beard. Beard missed, and the Sparks were knocked out of the playoffs.

    Shelden Williams was not happy about the Sparks' handling of the endgame.

    Here, he started getting accused of criticizing Parker's teammate, Beard, and he starts to clarify his position.

    More like UNCOMMON sense, amirite?

    You probably won't hear Shelden Williams' name again for a while, so enjoy it.