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    After Butt Fumble, The Jets Are Officially The Worst Football Team

    Let me show you why with a few horrifying, hilarious GIFs.

    EXHIBIT A: In their Thanksgiving night game against the Patriots, the Jets trail 14-0. Then Mark Sanchez runs into Brandon Moore's ass, fumbles, and the Pats take it for a score.

    Your eyes did not deceive you: he fumbles because he runs into his teammate's butt.

    Look into Mark Sanchez's eyes and see pure, weapons-grade existential angst.

    EXHIBIT B: On the ensuing kickoff, Joe McKnight gets nailed. He fumbles. Julian Edelman catches it in midair. Touchdown. Pats lead 28-0.

    Pity poor Rex Ryan. Also, if you know of any job openings, please shoot him an email.

    Here's video of the whole dilapidated mess. By the time you're reading this, the Patriots probably lead by 300. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.