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A Seahawks Player Trolled Tom Brady On Twitter After Beating Him


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In Week 6 NFL action, the Seattle Seahawks beat the New England Patriots 24-23. It's tempting to call this an upset — and, technically, it is; the Patriots were favored by 4 — but both teams went into the game at 3-2, even if one of those Seattle wins was the replacement-ref Hail-Mary debacle. And Seattle, despite rookie QB Russell Wilson's learning curve, has been an effective team with a ferocious defense.

However, these are the Patriots, and this is Tom Brady, so let's call it an upset. Despite Brady's I'm-an-Uggs-model public image, he's a pretty fierce competitor, and it sounds like he expected the Patriots to come out on top, if these tweets from Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman are any indication.

First, Sherman needled Brady and boasted of Seattle's fans.

Then, delivering the killshot, Sherman accused Brady of this:

This is some classic, Internet-style trolling done by an NFL player — looks like the dude might even have some Photoshop skills, unless this is a commissioned piece of art. Either way, Sherman's tweet will definitely count as a significant shot fired. Whatever the result of the game today, Brady's a guy with three Super Bowl rings and two NFL MVP trophies on his foyer at home; Sherman has started a grand total of 16 games. But this is how you make a name for yourself in the league, and today at least, Sherman's the one laughing.